I am a UK national (born 1950) and I am a housewife.

Mr Sanghera has been my dentist for seven years. I have had my usual dental checkups every six months and some minor dental treatments in the past. In July and August 2009 I underwent major dental treatment as I had badly broken off half my upper right canine. I had root canal treatment, gum treatment to expose more of the tooth and finally a new crown fitted.

I regard Mr Sanghera very highly. It is due to his dental skill and expertise that my tooth was saved. He discussed at length all possible tratments, explaining everything in detail and all possible outcomes. I felt very confident to allow him to proceed with the chosen treatment. I vistied the dental surgery several times and after each session I was asked about my progress. While arranging the procedure, the final cost was indicated and part of the cost was paid prior to the treatment and the balance paid upon completion. I also received several information sheets explaining again what the treatment would consist of and likely outcome and possible problems that could arise. It all went well and I am a very satisfied customer.

Overall, I have found Mr Sanghera very professional, open and honest in his approach. He inspires confidence and reassurance. I regard him very competent and would certainly recommend him to my friends.

V.K. Chelmsford
I have been company secretary in our family business for over 30 years and have been a patient of Mr Sanghera for approxomiately 2 1/2 years. Before 2007, I was a patient at a practice in Billericay but I was concerned that I was being pressurised into having costly treatments that were not necessary. Mr Sanghera was recommended to me by freinds whowere patients of Mr Sanghera so I went to him for a second opinion. Mr Sanghera confirmed my suspicions and I was very impressed with his approach to dentistry that I have been his patient ever since.

I have attended Mr Sanghera’s practice on a regular basis and have found his care to be of the very highest standard. Mr Sanghera is dedicated to preventative care and avoiding unnecessary intervention. One very good example is that I was having pain in a tooth and felt it should be capped. Mr Sanghera x-rayed the tooth (at no charge) to assure me that the tooth/gum had not diseased. With his care over a period of some weeks, I now have no pain and due to his skill I have retained this tooth.

I have always found Mr Sanghera to be highly professional, totally honest and an excellent dentist.

C.G. Epping
Although I used to be fine going to the dentist, over the years, for some reason, I developed a phobia of them (I think it is because my husband is so terrified of them and has passed his fear to me!) so when I broke a tooth just before Christmas I was not too happy. Somehow I managed for a couple of days and then had no choice but to find a dentist. A lot of them were closed over the Christmas/New Year period. I phoned Lodge House and had a chat with the receptionist. The next day I went to see the dentist. He is such a friendly guy. He really put me at ease. He explained what he was going to do – just examine my teeth, take x-rays and then spend 30 minutes discussing my teeth, the work that needed doing and the options I had regarding the work.

We decided I would have a sedative to have the broken tooth removed. I would be awake but not totally aware of what was going on and, hopefully, feel no pain. An appointment was made for the next day and I nervously attended. I need not have worried. An injection in my arm and the next thing I remember was a few hours later waking up in bed. My husband had collected me and I was able to walk out and get my self to bed but I remember none of it.

I would definitely go to this dentist again and would recommend him especially to anyone nervous of dentists.

C.C. Chelmsford

Mr Sanghera has done everything in his power to dispel my fears and has assured me that with continued good dental hygiene and care there is absolutelty no need for me to have any such traumas in the future. He has also managed to correct my previous dentist’s mistakes, so now I am pain free.

I am a 50 year old nursery nurse working in an infant school. I have been a patient of Mr Sanghera for the past 7 years and attend regular 6 monthly examinations. My previous dentist caused me a lot of anguish and unnecessary root canal treatment costing me a lot of money, pain and the loss of a tooth. I also became very anxious about visiting the dentist.

Mr Sanghera takes a lot of time each visit to explain to me exactly what he is doing and why. He has taught me a great deal about how to care for my teeth and mouth in general, as he believes prevention is better than cure. He assures me and I truly believe that my mouth is now much healthier than before he was my dentist.

He has a gentle and kind manner about him which I find very reassuring after my previous experience.

He has also transformed the surgery into a calm and inviting place to be. He and his team are all very approachable and helpful and one get the feeling that the whole outfit is extremely well managed.

I recommended Mr Sanghera to my elderly parents and my husband who have all been very satisfied with the treatment they have received. Also, in my work as a nursery practitioner I would be very confident in recommending Mr Sanghera to the families I support as a first dental experience for their children due to his reassuring and genuine nature.

S.T. Chelmsford